Now Offering Customer Loyalty Program

We are now offering a customer loyalty program to our customers . It is based off of your purchase total. i.e. if you spend $100 you will receive 100 points toward a discount when placing future orders. When your points accumulate to 500 points you can use that as same as cash for $50 off of your order. Also those who are apart of our loyalty program will be the first to receive updates for new products and access to sales before anyone else.

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Reviews !

Whewwwww I never had to have a fat A** like this in these scrubs. Y'all need to stop sleeping ladiesssss.

Kyee West

Great and affordable prices for quality work for anyone working in the medical/caretaker community!

Damarco J.

The Scrubs are the bomb !! Comfortable and affordable ! Luv em 

Krystina C.